Arts database firm Tessitura expands product offerings

Posted on: February 2, 2009

The Tessitura Network, Inc., a Dallas-based company that provides “constituent management” software for more than 275 arts and cultural organizations around the world, has announced four new product offerings: T-Stats, N-SCAN, RADR (Remote Access Disaster Recovery), and TN Express Web Ticketing. T-Stats is a data-mining tool allowing users to view, study, and analyze their data via a database populated by Tessitura’s own databases; N-SCAN allows barcode scanning of tickets so that Tessitura license holders can use print-at-home ticket functionality without paying per-ticket fees; RADR (which complements the company’s existing Remote Access Managed Plan) is a backup data service that allows Tessitura Software license holders to access the database over the internet; TN Express Web Ticketing provides ticketing, account management, and donation processing.