2008-2009 Orchestra Repertoire Report Online Survey

Posted on: September 23, 2009

You’re invited to complete the League’s 2008-2009 Orchestra Repertoire Report Online Survey.  The survey is now simpler and more intuitive to complete. Ready to see how? Check out the new instructional video and let Marcia Farabee, librarian of the National Symphony Orchestra, talk you through the process!

The video is found on the page linked below. When on the ORR page, click the link to watch, or right-click to save (by selecting “Save Target As…”). The video can be viewed through Windows Media Player or Real Player.  If you would prefer written instructions, you can print them here or you can call Jan Wilson for personal support at jwilson@americanorchestras.org

To access the survey and watch the instruction video, go to:  http://orr.americanorchestras.org


  • Your orchestra’s programming will be included in the 2008-09 Orchestra Repertoire Report, which is the go-to source for artistic administrators, conductors, musicians, executive directors, librarians, and researchers;
  • The ORR gives you access to programming, repertoire, and soloists for any budget group of orchestras;
  • Completion may impact your orchestra’s marketing and artistic programs by providing hints for new and exciting programs.

View the results of previous years here.

FOR COMPLETE AND DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS, MEMBER ID, AND INFORMATION ABOUT THIS YEAR’S ORR SURVEY – please refer to the email delivered to librarians, executive directors, and/or artistic administrators or contact Jan Wilson in the Knowledge Center by email at jwilson@americanorchestras.org  for assistance.