Obituary: Hyperion co-founder Doreen Perry, 80

Posted on: October 5, 2009

A report in Friday’s (10/2) Telegraph (London) states, “Doreen Perry, who died on September 18 aged 80, co-founded the independent Hyperion classical music record label with her husband Ted, and in retirement helped transform a sink school in the East End of London into one of the best in Britain. Using a small legacy from a distant relative, with additional financial help from a close friend and from a £12,000 loan, Doreen and Ted Perry launched their business (named Hyperion after the father of the muses) in March 1980, and began building it into an international brand. … At a time when the larger companies were concentrating on middle-of-the-road money-spinners—‘crossover music’, popular versions of the classics and a handful of glamorous superstars—Hyperion remained an oasis of integrity and idealism for the small but devoted coterie of classical listeners which is no longer wooed by the large labels.”

Posted October 5, 2009