Valliere wants to harness technology to expand Columbus Symphony’s reach

Posted on: October 5, 2009

In Sunday’s (10/4) Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), Jeffrey Sheban writes, “The new leader of the Columbus Symphony has seen the future of classical music—and it’s streaming live on the Internet and through his iPhone. Roland Valliere, president and chief executive officer since Aug. 3, is convinced that technology is the ticket for orchestras seeking to extend their reach beyond the concert hall. … Valliere wants to see the symphony—which survived a near-death experience last year by reducing performances and slashing musicians’ pay—use technology to deliver concerts live and on demand so people can enjoy the show wherever and whenever they choose. Sound far-fetched? That’s precisely what one of the world’s greatest orchestras—the Berlin Philharmonic—is trying this season. … ‘It’s a brave new world, and people don’t really know how things are going to work out,’ said John T. Bence, spokesman for the New York-based League of American Orchestras. Valliere, 55, wants Columbus to be at the forefront of innovation. … After serving two decades as the executive director of four orchestras, Valliere left the Kansas City (Mo.) Symphony in 2002 to develop a hand-held digital device for concertgoers. The result was the Concert Companion, an orchestral counterpart to the audio-tour player used in museums.”

Posted October 5, 2009