North Carolina Symphony to raise $8 million to get state funds

Posted on: October 14, 2009

An editorial in Tuesday’s (10/13) News & Observer (Raleigh, North Carolina) praising the North Carolina Symphony states, “Hard times have hit the North Carolina Symphony, founded in 1932 and enduring through the years thanks in good measure to continuous support from the citizens of North Carolina and their legislators. It was in 1943 that the General Assembly passed the ‘Horn Tootin’ Bill’ to give the orchestra state funding, and few public investments in the arts have reaped greater dividends. For this has been a true public service organization, maintaining both high standards artistically and a strong work ethic when it comes to outreach into public schools and other venues that showcase classical music (and occasionally, popular music) all over North Carolina. … But because of the economic recession, the organization is hurting. Fortunately, despite all the competing demands for money, legislators saw fit to include a $1.5 million appropriation in this year’s state budget, contingent on the symphony raising $8 million on its own. The process is in full swing. The symphony has long counted on the generosity of those who appreciate its value to the state. But now it’s especially important that corporations and private individuals with the means to donate will do so. And yes, it might be fitting for school kids to organize a few fund-raisers of their own.”

Posted October 14, 2009