Patrons help Cincinnati Symphony get to Japan

Posted on: October 26, 2009

In Thursday’s (10/22) Cincinnati Enquirer, Janelle Gelfand writes, “Without a group of loyal music lovers, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra would not be touring Japan in the coming two weeks. The orchestra, led by music director Paavo Järvi, leaves today for seven concerts in four cities through Nov. 5. The tour will be funded through a combination of fees paid by presenter Japan Arts, with nine local couples and a family foundation making up the difference of $200,000—an estimated 20 percent of the cost. Some patrons, proud that the hometown orchestra will represent Cincinnati abroad, did not have to be convinced to support the tour. Others were persuaded by the music director that touring was important to maintaining the stature of the orchestra. … Corporate donors are still giving to the arts, although in the current economy, it’s often in smaller numbers, and they may be more selective about what they sponsor. The orchestras of Philadelphia and Boston canceled international tours this year because of the economy. ‘It’s true that the overall corporate sponsorship environment has been affected by the economy,’ says Judith Kurnick, spokesperson for the League of American Orchestras, a support group. ‘Whether it’s about touring or not, we don’t know. But there’s no question that everybody is looking much more carefully about what they’re able to give and where it goes.’ ”

Posted October 26, 2009