Flagstaff Symphony an excellent outlet for students

Posted on: November 5, 2009

In Thursday’s (11/5) JackCentral (Flagstaff, Arizona), Matthew Vinsko writes, “With 12 [Northern Arizona University] students participating in the 82-person ensemble, the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra (FSO) remains a place for young musicians to showcase their skills to the community. Founded in 1950, the FSO features musicians from all walks of life. Performers annually are featured in a series of concerts held in Ardrey Auditorium. While some performers are teachers and doctors, others are students on both the collegiate and high school levels. Laura Kelly, the executive director of the FSO, said the variety helps represent the town and the universal bond of music. … Stacey Rhoton, a senior instrumental performance major who plays the viola, said the rehearsals provide insight for her because of the level of her ensemble mates. ‘You get to play with more experienced players,’ Rhoton said. ‘There is generally a lot of wisdom to share. It helps a lot.’ ”

Posted November 5, 2009