New Business Models for Orchestras? Commenters Weigh In

Posted on: November 16, 2009

Thursday (11/11) on her Washington Post blog Classical Beat Anne Midgette responded to Michael Kaiser’s Huffington Post in which he said that the current business model for American orchestras is no longer valid. In her blog post Midgette stated, “There are striking parallels between orchestras and newspapers in this recession. For a couple of years (even longer, in fact, in the orchestra world) there have been talks of imminent closings. So far, nearly everyone has managed to struggle along. … The main problem is that both fields seem to be incapable of coming up with an actual new business model, in part because both fields are so deeply invested in their own traditions that they tend to confuse those traditions with their function.” Midgette’s post generated a flurry of comments with a wide range of sentiments and perspectives. To view the post and the numerous responses, click here.

Posted November 16, 2009