San Diego Opera project to Tweet 400-year history of opera

Posted on: November 18, 2009

“How many tweets does it take to cover the entire span of opera history?” asks David Ng Tuesday (11/17) on the Los Angeles Times blog Culture Monster. “The San Diego Opera wants to find out and has launched a Twitter project in which it will tweet about everything from Monteverdi to Mozart to Philip Glass on a daily basis. With more than 400 years to cover—and at a rate of two tweets per day—the project could take years to finish. The project, which can be found at #operahistory, launched in early November. The company said it has started at the beginning of opera history—around the year 1580 or so—and will continue into the 21st century. Nicolas Reveles, director of education and outreach at San Diego Opera, is the author of the tweets and said he is using resources like the New Grove Dictionary of Opera and other volumes to supplement his knowledge. … Reveles said he is trying to make the tweets fun and irreverent. … one published this morning says: ‘1607: Orfeo mixes the new recitative style of Peri (Euridice) & instrumental/choral ‘interjections.’ It works.’ ”

Posted November 18, 2009