Vancouver Symphony turns down invitation to record music for Olympic games

Posted on: December 18, 2009

In a Canwest article published in Friday’s (12/18) Vancouver Sun and several other publications, “The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra refused an invitation to record music for the Vancouver 2010 opening ceremonies because Vanoc wanted other musicians to ‘mime’ the performance. VSO conductor Bramwell Tovey was asked to conduct the recording session, but was told another conductor would perform his actions at the ceremonies. … VSO president and CEO Jeff Alexander said the VSO was asked to record a piece of music for the ceremonies, but was not asked to appear in the show. Although Vanoc offered to credit Tovey and the VSO, Alexander said ‘it wouldn’t have made sense to allow the VSO name to be used.’ The VSO will perform at three events co-produced by Vanoc during the Games, said Alexander. … [Opening and Closing Ceremonies Executive Producer David] Atkins explained the decision: ‘For international televised live spectacles of this size and scope, it is standard practice to pre-record the musical segments to ensure the integrity and security of the broadcast transmission.’ ”

Posted December 18, 2009