Malaysian orchestra’s management takes instruments from musicians

Posted on: February 11, 2010

In Thursday’s (2/11) Malaysia Star (Kuala Lampur), Christina Chin writes, “A simmering feud between senior members of the Penang State Symphony Orchestra and Chorus (Pessoc) and its new board reached a crescendo when Pessoc officials went to the musicians’ homes and took back musical instruments they have been using for years. The members, already unhappy with the board for cancelling the annual Pesta Music Camp and Concert last year, said Pessoc officials came to their homes to take back the instruments they had had for years. It is learnt that the senior members were also unhappy at being asked to re-fill application forms as part of the board’s restructuring exercise. Bassoonist Khoo Swee Hong claimed that a Pessoc administrator visited her home as well as the homes of two other senior members. … Musician Stefan Dawson said he felt ‘humiliated’ by the treatment. … June Ong, a former committee member of the orchestra, alleged that the new administration had ‘not bothered’ to communicate with the senior members. However, Pessoc personnel manager Sebina Pade said they had tried to get in touch with all members as part of the restructuring exercise.”

Posted February 11, 2010