Packed house for two-day orchestra summit in Michigan

Posted on: February 11, 2010

The University of Michigan’s two-day American Orchestra Summit attracted more than 200 people and some regional press coverage for a series of panel discussions at the university’s Ann Arbor campus on January 27 and 28. The goal of the event—organized by Joseph Horowitz, University of Michigan Professor Mark Clague, and Michael Mauskapf—was to bring together arts presenters, orchestra leaders, and academics to explore partnerships and strategies for the sustainability challenges faced by orchestras today. Among the participants were Larry Tamburri (the Pittsburgh Symphony), Rob Birman (Louisville Orchestra), Ryan Fleur (Memphis Symphony), Ayden Adler (Philadelphia Orchestra), Barbara Haws (New York Philharmonic), Laura Jackson and Tim Young (Reno Philharmonic), Mary Steffek-Blaske (Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra), and Anne Parsons (Detroit Symphony Orchestra. To view commentary by some of the panelists and summit attendees, visit the YouTube site set up by the University of Michigan.

Posted February 11, 2010