Fleming to dive into indie rock

Posted on: February 25, 2010

Wednesday (2/24) on the Los Angeles Times blog Culture Monster, David Ng writes, “When not performing in opera houses around the world, soprano Renée Fleming has been known to dip a manicured toe into the waters of jazz, Broadway tunes, holiday music and film soundtracks (‘The Lord of the Rings’). In what may be a first for the ubiquitous Grammy-winning opera star, Fleming is traveling way downtown in her new album, ‘Dark Hope,’ in which she performs pieces by indie-rock bands including Muse, Arcade Fire, Band of Horses and Death Cab For Cutie. The album also includes songs by Peter Gabriel, Tears for Fears, The Mars Volta, Jefferson Airplane and Leonard Cohen. ‘Dark Hope,’ which is being released by Decca, is scheduled to go on sale this spring. Amazon lists the release date as June 8. Fleming worked with producer David Kahne on the project, but the idea for the album came from Peter Mensch and Cliff Burnstein (from the talent agency Q-Prime Management), who persuaded the opera star to take on the challenge.”

Posted February 25, 2010