The wild world of a touring violinist

Posted on: February 26, 2010

“Christian Tetzlaff will fly more than 17,000 miles, visit three continents and cross more than a dozen time zones over the span of two weeks,” writes Ellen Gamerman in Friday’s (2/26) Wall Street Journal. “But when the acclaimed German violinist performs on a Carnegie Hall stage this weekend after a stint that has included stops in Rome, Seoul, South Korea, and Philadelphia, he expects the thrill of the music to blunt the jetlag. ‘When I go onstage, I will completely forget about the fact that it’s night or morning,’ says Mr. Tetzlaff, a 43-year-old father of three from Frankfurt who plays classical and contemporary pieces. … Mr. Tetzlaff, who expects to travel 143,000 miles in the 2009-10 concert season, stays fresh for performances by mixing up his repertoire from stop to stop, and by trying to limit his touring to mostly one-week sprints. … Mr. Tetzlaff says he needs only six hours of sleep, doesn’t suffer from too many traveler’s bugs and hasn’t canceled a concert because of illness in 15 years. A bigger problem: He is not very organized. He lost his sheet music between Ottawa and Toronto last year, requiring an orchestra staffer to paste together the violin parts at the last minute.”

Posted February 26, 2010