Zwilich aims for accessibility with Hamilton-Fairfield Symphony

Posted on: March 5, 2010

In Friday’s (3/5) Cincinnati Enquirer, Janelle Gelfand writes, “Ellen Taaffe Zwilich’s music is admired by audiences around the world. Writing music that is engaging and accessible for today’s audiences has always been her aim. Zwilich won the Pulitzer Prize in Music in 1983 and was named to the first Composer’s Chair in the history of Carnegie Hall. … The Hamilton-Fairfield Symphony Orchestra and Chorale will perform her Symphony No. 4, ‘The Gardens,’ in its second-ever performance, Saturday at the New Life Vineyard Church in Hamilton. Paul John Stanbery conducts the American Master Concert, which presents a distinguished American composer each year. Zwilich spoke from Pompano Beach., Fla., where she lives part of the year.” On what drew her to a small community like Hamilton-Fairfield, she remarks, “Part of it has to do with my feelings about the composer’s place in society, so to speak. We don’t belong in an ivory tower. I think we belong in the public and with musicians.”

Posted March 5, 2010