Saint Louis Symphony’s Bronstein nominated for state board

Posted on: March 23, 2010

Monday (3/22) on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch website, Sarah Bryan Miller reports, “St. Louis Symphony Orchestra president Fred Bronstein has been nominated to a state board by Governor Jay Nixon. Once the Legislature approves the appointment, Bronstein will be the first cultural leader to serve on the Missouri Workforce Investment Board, which deals with job creation, job development and policy guidance. Bronstein and Nixon met Friday afternoon for a half-hour at the Ritz-Carleton, at the governor’s invitation. ‘He had taken note of the things we’ve been doing,’ says Bronstein, ‘particularly of our audience development. He was very congratulatory about that, and curious about lots of things—what we’re doing and how we’re doing them.’ According to Bronstein, Nixon ‘remarked how the orchestra can be a landmark for the state,’ and suggested that it could assist with high-level recruitment for the state. That was music to Bronstein’s ears: ‘We’ve said all along that the orchestra is really part and parcel of the St. Louis brand.’ ”

Photo by Dan Dreyfus

Posted March 23, 2010