The importance of arts education in the “Conceptual Age”

Posted on: March 30, 2010

Friday’s (3/26) on the Orange County Register arts blog, Paul Hodgins writes, “A full and enthusiastic house greeted author Daniel Pink earlier this month as he strode onto the stage at the Segerstrom Concert Hall to start his presentation, titled ‘The Creative Edge: Innovation, Education and the Changing World of Work.’ That isn’t surprising. Pink is a bestselling author, and his theories about left- and right-brained thinking and its relationship to the needs of the modern workplace (detailed in his book “A Whole New Mind”) enjoy widespread appeal. … His idea in a nutshell is that the transformation of the workplace from the Information Age to what he calls the Conceptual Age has created a shift in employer demands. In the Information Age, according to Pink, a premium was placed on logical, linear, transparently organized thinking and presentation—in other words, classic left-brain traits. In the dawning Conceptual Age, right-brain qualities will be more valuable: empathy, inventiveness, the ability to make large-scale connections between things and see the big picture.”

Posted March 30, 2010