An oboist in the Supreme Court?

Posted on: April 29, 2010

“There are many prisms through which to view Supreme Court nominees,” writes Meghan Daum in Thursday’s (4/29) Los Angeles Times. “But only one thing matters when it comes to Diane P. Wood, the U.S. 7th Circuit Court of Appeals judge and University of Chicago law professor who is believed to be among the president’s top picks to replace outgoing Justice John Paul Stevens. …Wood is an oboist. This is no minor detail. The oboe isn’t just an instrument; it’s a way of life. Wood plays the oboe (and its bulbous cousin, the English horn) in two orchestras, the Chicago Bar Assn. Symphony and the North Shore Chamber Orchestra in Evanston, Ill. … We’re just about the most judgmental people on the face of the Earth. Ergo, one of us should sit on the highest court in the nation. … Oboists may not always be right, but we’re still the deciders. And that’s why if Wood ends up appearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, I hope they’ll cut to the chase and just ask her to play the Mozart Oboe Concerto. Or better yet, an A.”

Posted April 29, 2010