Conference: It’s All About You!

Posted on: May 13, 2010

The League’s National Conference offers something for everyone who cares about orchestras—whether you’re a board member, an executive director, a musician, an administrator, or a volunteer, there are seminars, classes, and programs just for you. How to select the events that best suit your needs and interests? Visit the My Conference pages of the Conference website to see the program of discussions tailored especially for you and your peer group. There you’ll find a broad range of Constituency Meetings that are designed specifically to gather delegates with similar job descriptions and interests for focused learning and networking. You’ll share insights and strategies with friends and colleagues from all over the country. There are some twenty constituency groups, ranging from Artistic Administrators to Youth Orchestras/Colleges, for organizations of every size, so there’s sure to be the perfect fit just for you.

Visit My Conference to learn more.

Haven’t signed up for Conference yet? Register today, and save $50 per person before the late-registration fee kicks in on Friday.

Posted May 13, 2010