New Lincoln Center festival to highlight spiritual expression

Posted on: May 13, 2010

In Thursday’s (5/13) New York Times, Daniel J. Wakin writes, “Seeking transcendence near Lincoln Center? The area is rich in holy places for Roman Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Protestants and Muslims. Or perhaps you could skip them and worship at the altar of art music. Lincoln Center on Wednesday announced plans for a fall festival devoted to spiritual expression and the illumination of ‘our larger interior universe.’ Called the White Light Festival, it will run next season from Oct. 28 to Nov. 18 and feature an eclectic and at times esoteric lineup of works, including Brahms’s ‘German Requiem,’ a dance piece performed by 17 monks from China, verse and melodies from 16th-century Croatia, choral music by the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt and a mix of folk and classical music from northern India. … The festival bears the imprint of Jane S. Moss, Lincoln Center’s vice president for programming. Ms. Moss, in an unusual baring of the programmer’s soul, made no bones about the personal nature of next season’s event, the first in a series to be mounted annually, although with different themes. Casting the festival as an act of spirituality, Ms. Moss said in an interview, grew out of a sense that modern urban life was increasingly being dominated by digital multitasking.”

Posted May 13, 2010