Cleveland Orchestra to LeBron: Don’t leave us!

Posted on: May 19, 2010

In Tuesday’s (5/18) USA Today, Associated Press reporter Thomas J. Sheeran writes, “They’re saying it on billboards, in song, in letters, in petitions and more. Whatever the format, the message from Clevelanders is the same: Dear LeBron James, please don’t go. Please please please don’t go. This hard-luck city on the shores of Lake Erie is desperately trying to show its NBA superstar that, with free agency looming July 1, the best spot for him is right up the road from his hometown of Akron, Ohio, the place where he’s played for seven seasons as a Cleveland Cavalier and won two MVP awards. … Even the highbrow Cleveland Orchestra has pitched in with a keep-LeBron video posted on YouTube. Another music video, this one to the tune of ‘We Are the World’ and posted on features local celebrities and Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland—he’s running for re-election—in a sing-along.”

Posted May 19, 2010