Arts programming should be unique to community

Posted on: June 8, 2010

In Monday’s (6/7) Huffington Post, Kennedy Center President and CEO Michael Kaiser writes, “My 50-state, 69-city tour is almost over; I will make my last presentation on July 16 in Boise, Idaho. The tour has been both inspiring and depressing at the same time. It is inspiring to see so many communities that value the arts and so many individuals determined to maintain arts in their cities and states. I estimate that some 11,000 people will have attended an ‘Arts in Crisis’ tour presentation. Each of these individuals cares deeply for the arts in their home towns. … But I was depressed to see how many venues I visited presented performances that were entirely interchangeable with performances at other venues. It is not that the art was bad. It simply was not special or unique to the organization. … Presenters must do more than fill slots. They must develop projects that will build excitement and reputation for creativity and excellence. These projects can be interesting amalgams of guest artists or organizations or work that is produced specially by the presenting organization.”

Posted June 8, 2010