Did you hear?

Posted on: June 11, 2010

Have you heard what is being said on the Orchestra R/Evolution website? Here is a small sample of the many opinions that are being expressed.

…the level of security orchestras provide locks them into models that diminish quality of experience for musicians… maybe there are better questions from people who are out working in the trenches… I am personally attracted to “changing it up”, but I doubt that I am your typical symphony-goer… No essays. No manifestos. I’m looking for questions we can use… this isn’t a theoretical exercise…

Beginning Monday, you will be able to vote at Orchestra R/Evolution for what question you think we need to talk about at Opening Session—whether you’re in the room or watching the live stream, your vote counts!

The Opening Session begins at 3:40 next Wednesday. To watch, go to orchestrarevolution.org and click on the video player. You will need either Microsoft Silverlight or Windows Media Player v9 or later to view the stream. There will be the option to download Silverlight, should you need it. Mark your calendars!

Posted June 11, 2010