Fort Wayne Philharmonic’s “Phil U” young professionals program

Posted on: June 11, 2010

Indiana’s Fort Wayne Philharmonic has announced the launch of a new interactive and educational program for young professionals in northeast Indiana. “Phil U,” designed for people aged 23 to 40 with an interest in the arts but not necessarily in classical music, will include as part of its activities free admission to selected Philharmonic concerts; behind-the-scenes access to musicians, music director, guest artists, staff, and volunteers; and social activities at Fort Wayne establishments. Participants will be selected through an application process; for those selected, there is a $50 participation fee to offset costs for the program, estimated at more than $300 per person. Among the program’s goals are to give participants a better understanding and appreciation of the music performed by the orchestra, and for participants to embrace a sense of commitment to furthering the arts in the Fort Wayne community. More information on the program and applications are available at

Posted June 11, 2010