Composer Elgar replaced by economist Adam Smith on British banknote

Posted on: July 1, 2010

A report Tuesday (6/29) on the BBC News website states, “The £20 English banknote featuring the image of composer Edward Elgar will be accepted in shops for the last time on Wednesday. Banks, building societies and post offices will only exchange the note for a newer replacement at each institution’s discretion after then. From 1 July, customers may find they can only swap it by sending it back to the Bank of England. The alternative £20 note carries a picture of economist Adam Smith. The Elgar £20 banknote, first issued in June 1999, has gradually been replaced by the Adam Smith note since March 2007. … Elgar’s image appears on the banknote along with a picture of Worcester Cathedral, the scene of the first performance of one of his best-known works—the Enigma Variations.”

Posted July 1, 2010