Colorado Springs Philharmonic partners with local school district

Posted on: July 2, 2010

In Thursday’s (7/1) Gazette (Colorado Springs, Colorado), T.D. Mobley-Martinez reports, “In yet another out-of-the-box move by the Colorado Springs Philharmonic, the orchestra will create a new partnership with Colorado Springs District 11 next season. The deal starts with half-price tickets on designated concerts. Who receives the discount—staff, parent and/or students—will be determined by the district. The real kicker: Almost 25 percent of the discounted ticket price will go back to the district’s arts program. ‘We feel good about it,’ said Nathan Newbrough, executive director of the orchestra. ‘It’s a positive move and one that will create closer and deeper ties with the community.’ The way it works, he said, is that after the Pikes Peak Center’s $2 per ticket processing fee is paid, the philharmonic will give 25 percent of each discounted ticket to the district’s art program. That means if the price for a ticket was $20 after the discount and the fee, $5 goes to the district. So far, only one concert has been deemed a D-11 night: a mid-April weekend performance featuring Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony.”

Posted July 2, 2010