Transporting a double bass via bicycle

Posted on: July 6, 2010

In Monday’s (7/5) Seattle Times, Michael Upchurch writes, “You wouldn’t normally ask a chamber musician, ‘What’s the maximum altitude gain you’d take on to play a recital?’ But 25-year-old double-bass player John Teske is not your average chamber musician. He’s a passionate new-music advocate who is also a dedicated bicyclist and a firm believer in sustainable use. To that end, he has commissioned a steel-framed bicycle trailer for his bass. The idea is to expand his performance opportunities without having to cadge a ride, rent a car or crowd his fellow passengers on the bus. … He initially contemplated building the trailer himself but worried he didn’t have the know-how to make it sturdy enough to protect his bass. So he turned to Haulin’ Colin, a Georgetown metal shop that specializes in bicycle trailers. The trailer will have lights, reflective tape and flags on it to heighten his visibility, both day and night. A generator hub and/or solar trickle charger will power the battery for the lights. … To raise the $1,000 to pay for the trailer, Teske has put his project on, a website used by artists, filmmakers, performers and explorers as ‘a funding platform for creative projects.’ As of last Wednesday, he was $600 on his way to reaching his goal.”

Posted July 6, 2010