Colorado Music Festival’s innovative commissioning approach

Posted on: July 9, 2010

Wednesday (7/7) on the Denver Post online, Kyle MacMillan writes, “In the world of iPhones and Facebook, arts patrons are no longer content to just buy tickets and attend performances. … That’s where a new, intriguingly innovative initiative by the Colorado Music Festival comes in. Typically, when a musical organization wants to commission a new work, it finds a donor or a small group of donors who are willing to foot the bill. … But Michael Christie, music director of the Boulder-based summer festival, decided to take a very different fund-raising approach for a work—most likely an overture—he hopes to commission for the 2011 season. Festival supporters are invited to vote on-line for which of four composers (nominated by Christie) should be chosen for the project. Each vote costs $10, and participants can vote as many times as they want, with all the proceeds going toward the $10,000 needed for the commission. The voters will become part of the New Community Commissioning Club, which has already been nicknamed Click! And their names will be inscribed on the score of the finished piece of music. … The four compositional candidates for the commission are: Enrico Chapela, Jay Greenberg, Behzad Ranjbaran and Patrick Zimmerli.”

Posted July 9, 2010