Dutch conductor Van Zweden thrilled with home country’s soccer team

Posted on: July 13, 2010

In Monday’s (7/12) Dallas Morning News, Eric Aasen writes, “For the Dutch in Dallas on Sunday, their cups overfloweth with Heineken and Amstel Light. For the Spaniards, it was sangria and wine. But for the natives of both countries, their hearts were bursting with pride for their homelands. In the World Cup soccer battle of Hup Holland Hup vs. Viva Espana, Spain won 1-0, scoring a goal in extra time. But the game has given local natives of both countries bragging rights about their nations in recent days—and for days to come. … The love of soccer runs deep for Jaap van Zweden, the Dutch-born Dallas Symphony Orchestra music director. In 1974, he cried for a week after the Netherlands lost to West Germany in the World Cup final. The Dutch soccer team is ‘the only thing we’re talking about in the Netherlands,’ he said last week on the phone from his native country. … The Netherlands is home to well-known orchestras and famous painters, including Rembrandt, van Zweden said.”

Posted July 13, 2010