Norwalk Symphony seeking $150,000 to go ahead with 2010-11 season

Posted on: July 27, 2010

In Monday’s (7/26) Hour (Norwalk, Connecticut), Kate Marcal writes, “The Norwalk Symphony Orchestra’s upcoming season may be in jeopardy if significant funds are not raised by September. As part of its latest fundraising campaign, NSO is attempting to meet a two-to-one grant challenge. A group of private, anonymous NSO supporters has agreed to donate $50,000, but only if the orchestra can first raise $100,000 on its own. According to Kenneth Olson, president of the NSO Board of Trustees, the orchestra is facing serious financial difficulties and hopes to have $150,000 by September to make the upcoming season a reality. … A major difficulty the NSO faces is maintaining affordable ticket prices while still generating enough revenue to finance the symphony. According to Olson, ticket and subscription sales only cover approximately 35 percent of the orchestra’s total expenses, which include musician salaries and transportation costs. … The NSO, which recently celebrated its 70th anniversary, has continued to take a greater role in the community with [participation in] programs such as [the League of American Orchestras’] Orchestras Feeding America, a nationwide food drive that began last year.” The full article can be accessed at the link above by registering for free with The Hour.

Posted July 27, 2010