Cobb Symphony hires new executive director

Posted on: July 30, 2010

Wednesday (7/28) on the blog ArtsCriticATL, Pierre Ruhe reports, “Change is coming to the Cobb Symphony Orchestra, a semi-professional ensemble founded in 1951 and based in suburban Kennesaw, Georgia. This week the CSO named Bob Sanna as its new executive director, replacing Brian Hermanson, who served from 2007 till March this year and left to take charge of the San Luis Obispo Symphony Orchestra in California. Sanna, 72, founded the New York Philharmonic Free Concert Committee of Long Island and was its chairman for ten years. … He won several media awards in his career in advertising, as president and creative director of New York’s Sanna Mattson MacLeod, Inc. Sanna retired from the firm at 65, in 2003. … Sanna’s job, at least initially, will be navigating the sour economy to keep the musical ambition aloft. With his advertising acumen, he might be expected to boost local awareness of the CSO, accelerating the band’s upward spiral.”

Posted July 30, 2010