Florida Orchestra faces tough challenges head-on

Posted on: August 4, 2010

In a July 29 piece in the Tampa Tribune, Grace Armstrong, CEO of the Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay, writes that the Florida Orchestra has “responded to tighter budgets and staffing” by “narrowing their focus to what they do best, while asking more of their volunteer board members.” Both trends, writes Armstrong, are good for the long term. The conclusions are based on the Nonprofit Leadership Center’s own “The State of the Local Nonprofit Sector,” a study that found many nonprofits moved “far beyond their core capabilities” during the economic boom, making it harder for them to focus and clearly define priorities and goals. Armstrong writes that the Florida Orchestra has trimmed $2 million from its budget. "Many of the decisions we made carried strong emotion with them, but ultimately, they made the organization more effective," said Michael Pastreich, president and CEO of the orchestra.