Naxos and Buffalo Philharmonic’s ongoing partnership

Posted on: August 10, 2010

In Sunday’s (8/8) Buffalo News, Mary Kunz Goldman writes, “In 1999, when the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra recorded its first CD on the Naxos label, no one guessed at the adventure that lay ahead. In the decade since then, the partnership has yielded 11 discs and two Grammy Awards. The Philharmonic’s 11th disc for Naxos, devoted to the music of Marcel Tyberg, is set for release in late August. The recordings have made the BPO part of one of music’s great success stories. Klaus Heymann, Naxos’ founder, is music’s miracle man. … His label is now the world’s largest producer of classical music. … It has 44,000 albums and counting, and comes complete with its own iPhone app. … Falletta loves how Heymann calls the BPO ‘the Buffaloes’—‘as if we’re a sports team.’ … [Falletta and Heymann] met in Japan. ‘Klaus found out I was conducting there, and said, “I’m coming to meet you.” It was quite an experience. Here was this icon of the music world. He’s a gentleman with such grace and an Old World courtesy and gentility. That gentle exterior belies the genius businessman behind it.’ Heymann’s attitude is a fine balance between hands on and hands off.”

Photo by Cheryl Gorski

Posted August 10, 2010