Yakima County funding cuts hurt Symphony

Posted on: August 11, 2010

An editorial in Wednesday’s (8/11) Yakima Herald-Republic (Washington) states, “To preserve and enhance the quality of life is a laudable concept both Yakima County and the city of Yakima have enshrined in their checklist of strategic priorities. The goal is to support community activities like performing arts and public parks. But when faced with growing deficits, the county and city have essentially taken the word ‘quality’ out of that priority. … the city of Yakima took a big eraser last week to the $34,150 it had given 10 community nonprofits including Citizens for Safe Yakima Valley Communities and the Fourth of July Committee. On a unanimous vote, the council wiped the subsidies off the books for next year. … The effect of last week’s decision means the Yakima Symphony Orchestra will not be able to count on $5,000 it had been allotted this year. Two years ago, the city finally approved its first-ever subsidy to the symphony by setting aside $10,000. But now with the loss of all its funding from the city, the Yakima Symphony will have the distinction of being the only professional orchestra in the state not to be supported by the city where it is based.”

Posted August 11, 2010