Greeley Philharmonic looks back on century-long history

Posted on: August 13, 2010

“One hundred years ago, World War I hadn’t yet begun,” writes Dan England in Friday’s Greeley Tribune (Colorado). “The legal forward pass in football was four years old, Babe Ruth was still four years from playing his first Major League Baseball game, and metal hoops with backboards had replaced peach baskets in basketball for only four years. … But there was Greeley, though it was less than 40 years old, and that’s when Greeley put together its first orchestra. Now the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra is celebrating its 100th year, and that number is more than just a theme for a marketing campaign. … The philharmonic’s upcoming season reflects the special milestone, but it doesn’t overemphasize it… A few favorite artists will be back, including the grand opening concert on Sept. 25, with Jeffrey Biegel on piano playing Gershwin’s beloved ‘Rhapsody in Blue,’ as well as longtime maestro and former musical director Howard Skinner on the baton. … Singers Dawn Wolski and Emily Johnson will be the guests for March 12, a concert called ‘The American Quilt’ that will feature the world premiere of a commissioned piece by musical director Glen Cortese.”

Posted August 13, 2010