Syracuse Symphony seeks all-out community support

Posted on: August 17, 2010

An editorial in Monday’s (8/16) Post-Standard (Syracuse, New York) states, “Those of you with long memories have heard this drill before: All hands on deck in support of the SS SSO! It’s been nearly 20 years since the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, a jewel in the crown of Central New York’s cultural establishment, faced such daunting financial hurdles that it ended its season four months early. Perhaps it should not come as a surprise that the orchestra is facing rocky prospects in these challenging economic times. After all, symphonies in other cities have encountered similar troubles. Some have folded. That can’t happen here. That won’t happen here. … The SSO is not just wringing its hands. The board is well into a $300,000 fundraising campaign, with board members offering to match donations received by the end of the month. So far, $250,000 has come. Now the board has set a new goal of $500,000 for the coming season. On Friday, musicians agreed to prune the coming season from 40 to 34 weeks. Under the current three-year contract signed in 2009, they are under a two-year salary freeze. [Music Director Daniel] Hege has volunteered to cut his salary 14 percent.”

Posted August 17, 2010