Hermanson’s goal for San Luis Obispo Symphony: accessibility

Posted on: August 27, 2010

In Wednesday’s (8/25) New Times (San Luis Obispo, California), Ashley Schwellenbach writes, “Here’s a little-known fact about the SLO Symphony’s new Executive Director, Brian Hermanson: He goes through phases of musical obsession and is currently “mesmerized” by Radiohead. It might not be compatible with people’s vision of the man who leads the county’s largest purveyor of classical music. But it is befitting the director of an organization committed to nurturing musicians of all genres and ages. … Hermanson assumed responsibility in April, about six months after Sandi Sigurdson concluded her 16-year run as Executive Director. She left behind a well-oiled machine complete with a staff and volunteer network that functions cohesively and creatively. … The first priority, for Hermanson, is facilitating a music education grant financed by [energy corporation] PG&E. … The bid to make the Symphony’s music more accessible extends beyond education programs for children. They’ve posted videos of Symphony concerts on YouTube and are taking an active stance to nurture all musicians within the county, collapsing what some critics have cited as a disconnect between classical music and contemporary audiences. Hermanson has a vested interest in promoting musicians; he was a professional musician with a Bachelor of Music in clarinet performance.”

Posted August 27, 2010