New de la Parra CD makes case for Mexican composers

Posted on: August 31, 2010

In Monday’s (8/30) Sacramento Bee, Edward Ortiz writes, “Let’s face it, most people don’t think of Mexico when they think of classical music. And neither do they envision noteworthy Mexican conductors making headway on the classical scene. With the engaging two-CD release ‘Mi Alma Mexicana,’ that may change. On this CD, the world is introduced to the charms of fresh-faced 29-year-old conductor Alondra de la Parra. … De la Parra was the first Mexican woman to conduct in New York City, and she’s credited with founding, in 2006, the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas. That orchestra is featured here and offers inspired and noteworthy performances of works by 12 Mexican composers. The CD cuts a swath through 100 years of Mexican classical music and begins in the middle, in the mid-20th century, with de la Parra and the orchestra presenting a spirited and taut performance of Jose Pablo Moncayo’s hyper-rhythmic ‘Intermezzo.’ … [Silvestre Revueltas’s] six-minute ‘Sensemaya,’ from 1938, is a highlight of this CD. It showcases de la Parra’s range as a conductor.”

Posted August 31, 2010