Nagano to stay with Montreal Symphony at least three more years

Posted on: September 3, 2010

In Thursday’s (9/2) Montreal Gazette, Arthur Kaptainis writes, “It was opening night at the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, dress optional, umbrellas suggested, goodwill almost mandatory. … MSO chairman Lucien Bouchard began the evening Thursday by telling the multitudes that Nagano has been retained as music director for at least three more years starting September 2011. The muted response surely had less to do with popular opinion than general confusion over what had been announced. Bouchard’s comments about beauty, solidarity and hope—this concert was dedicated to the people of Haiti—had more resonance. … Nagano will give the MSO 16 weeks of service annually, including tours and recordings. … While the announcement clarifies the MSO’s immediate future, it settles matters only through 2013-2014, the medium term by orchestral standards. A kicker to Nagano’s contract allows a further two-year extension, assuming all parties are satisfied.”

Posted September 3, 2010