National Arts Strategies- Latest Program Updates

Posted on: September 22, 2010

How do you keep your staff motivated and mission-focused?
The current job market is challenging. Even though your employees may not be jumping ship, they may not be giving you their best work. So how can you reinvigorate your staff to achieve your mission, especially when additional monetary rewards are an unlikely option? Join NAS and a leading expert in human resource management, Diane Burton Ph.D., October 21, 1-2 PM to explore your team’s questions about what attracts people to your organization and how you can design jobs and policies that reinforce the things people value most about working for your organization. Learn more.

From the Experts: The Importance of Nonprofit Governance
The Strategic Governance seminar (which is presented in Chicago, December 2-3) features two expert faculty, Warren Boeker, Ph.D. of the University of Washington and Rob Wiltbank, Ph.D. of Willamette University. Professors Boeker and Wiltbank sat down to talk with us about the critical role of governance in nonprofit organizations. Learn more.
Fellowship Recipients for Strategy Seminar Announced
Twelve teams will be attending Strategy in Nashville, October 28-30 with a 2010 Organization Fellowship. All fellowship recipients were selected through a competitive application process and will attend the seminar at no cost. In addition to the $1250 fellowship covering the full-tuition for the seminar, participants from outside the Nashville metropolitan area will also receive up to $600 per person to help offset the travel and lodging costs. Learn more.
Posted September 22, 2010