Everett Philharmonic hopes to reignite its engines

Posted on: September 24, 2010

In Friday’s (9/24) Herald (Everett, Washington), Theresa Goffredo writes, “The newly formed Everett Philharmonic is hoping to spark its inaugural season with some Stravinsky, a little symbolism and the baton of conductor Paul-Elliott Cobbs. ‘Ignite the Season,’ the Everett Philharmonic’s first concert at Everett Civic Auditorium, includes Wagner’s ‘Prelude to the Meistersinger,’ followed by Rachmaninoff’s second piano concerto—played by international pianist John Pickett—and concluding with Stravinsky’s ‘Firebird Suite.’ The Everett Philharmonic was formed earlier this year with the goal of keeping symphonic music alive in Snohomish County after the Everett Symphony canceled its season early and currently has no other classical concerts planned. … As for the politics behind why the musicians split off from the Everett Symphony to form the Everett Philharmonic, Cobbs said musicians simply wanted to play music and the audience simply wants to hear music. ‘There are no politics. No drama,’ Cobbs said. ‘The drama is in the music.’ Cobbs promised he will begin this concert as he always had when he conducted for the Everett Symphony and that is with a pre-concert chat.”

Posted September 24, 2010