Horn quartet melds conservatory skills with spandex image

Posted on: October 8, 2010

Thursday (10/7) on the New York Times blog ArtsBeat, Daniel J. Wakin writes, “The publicity photos make them look like either the Four Hornswomen of the Apocalypse or neon-colored aerobics instructors. They go by the stage names Freedom Barbie, Velvet Barbie, Jungle Barbie and Attila the Horn. They play arrangements of songs by Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Queen and other pop acts. The name of their band is Genghis Barbie, and the group consists of four conservatory-trained French horn players: Danielle Kuhlmann, Jacquelyn Adams, Rachel Drehmann and Alana Vegter. Ms. Vegter brought the group to ArtsBeat’s attention. Back in June 2008, an article in The New York Times chronicled Ms. Vegter’s year teaching at a public school in Brooklyn. At the time, she was a member of the Academy, a fellowship program sponsored by Carnegie Hall, the Juilliard School and Carnegie’s education arm, the Weill Music Institute.  … At the moment, Genghis Barbie consists of little more than a Facebook page and a YouTube performance of ‘Kiss From a Rose,’ a song by Seal. … The quartet has so far played a few Brooklyn bar gigs and has a performance planned at the Tank in Midtown. Ms. Vegter said the group hopes to release an album sometime.”

Posted October 8, 2010