Gold Book Project of The Month: It’s In the Bag!

Posted on: October 12, 2010

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Women purchase four purses a year, according to a recent Great Purse Survey. So tapping a woman’s fondness for handbags and the anticipation of a surprise, the Spokane Symphony Associates came up with a new twist for a silent auction called “It’s In the Bag.” They add this silent auction to an existing annual get-together and easily raise an additional $400-600 for their Symphony each year.

Four volunteers orchestrate this fundraiser. They ask Chapter members and local businesses to donate handbags and additional gifts, such as concert tickets, gift certificates, or jewelry, to be stuffed inside. Eight handbags, valued at $75 to $200 and presented with clever rhymes that hint at the contents, are auctioned silently at the event. One beaded evening bag was described at the event as “beautiful velvet, complete with beads, with symphony tickets – It’s all you’ll need.”

This idea can be tailored to your group’s event for a simple, winning fundraiser. Read more about this project here.

Posted October 12, 2010