Ioannides’s farewell season with El Paso Symphony

Posted on: October 19, 2010

Monday (10/18) on the news site El Paso Inc. (Texas), David Crowder writes, “Although Sarah Ioannides, maestra of El Paso Symphony Orchestra, still has six subscription concerts and five special events to conduct this season, some are already lamenting her announced departure. For five seasons, the woman with Hepburn good looks, a dancer’s grace and an adventurous musical flair, has captivated El Paso audiences from the conductor’s stand. Those attributes are also making her famous. But as far as she goes, and she is likely to go far, Ioannides isn’t likely to forget El Paso.” Crowder interviews Ioannides, whose dreams for the future “include being the music director of an opera company, perhaps in Europe. And music director of another orchestra, maybe with a daytime full schedule, recording projects and DVD projects, that’s something I would like to explore—more DVD projects that bring classical music back to people’s computer interface.” Regarding the way technology has changed the industry, Ioannides notes that the League of American Orchestras’ 2010 National Conference “was all about this: how to become relevant in today’s market, which is an online world, an online media. And, how do we remind people how important the live performing arts are, how that’s an experience you cannot replace? You cannot switch it out for anything else.”

Posted October 19, 2010