Mahler, meet Freud: Baltimore Symphony’s “Analyze This” concert

Posted on: November 1, 2010

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra will delve into a 1910 meeting between composer Gustav Mahler and Sigmund Freud for its Mahler-themed concerts on November 5 and 6. Analyze This: Mahler and Freud, part of the BSO’s Off the Cuff series that explores composers’ lives, will feature Music Director Marin Alsop and actors Richard Pilcher and Tony Tsendeas and mezzo-soprano Kristina Lewis, who will reenact the meeting. Mahler is said to have requested the 1910 meeting with Freud to discuss his fear that his wife, Alma Mahler, would leave him for architect Walter Gropius. In 2008, Alsop led a similar Off the Cuff program of CSI: Beethoven, which investigated the composer’s deafness and cause of death with a team of medical experts. The Analyze This program will include performances of excerpts from Mahler’s symphonies and Blumine and Kindertotenlieder; Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5; and excerpts from Alma Mahler’s Die Stille Stadt for voice and piano.

Posted November 1, 2010