Musicians of Louisville Orchestra to play three free concerts

Posted on: December 15, 2010

In Saturday’s (12/11) Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky), Elizabeth Kramer writes, “Louisville Orchestra musicians have scheduled three free holiday concerts next week under the name of The Louisville Orchestra Musicians Association. The musicians are playing these concerts as an independent group and not through their affiliation with Louisville Orchestra Inc., which filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this month. ‘It’s important for us to keep playing our instruments and we want to contribute to the community,’ said Matthew Karr, who plays bassoon in the orchestra.” Performances include chamber music concerts Thursday and Friday, and a full symphony concert Saturday. “Noel Weaver, choral director in Ballard’s [High School] music department, books the high school auditorium and has been a subscriber to the Louisville Orchestra. ‘We can listen to classical music on the radio and we can listen to classical music in our car, but having this opportunity to listen to them play live is something that helps bring the community together,’ he said.” An abbreviated version of the story is available at the link above.

Posted December 15, 2010