Local professor dreams of new orchestra in Honolulu

Posted on: December 21, 2010

A late Friday (12/17) report on the Hawaii News Now website states, “There could be a new symphony orchestra for Honolulu if a local professor has his way. His new orchestra would be called the Hawaii Philharmonic. Tim Stanton says having an orchestra is a necessity for the city. Stanton wants to have non-union musicians, and a small management team, which he contends will increase the chance to make a profit. He believes the symphony lost support because of bickering between musicians and symphony management, and that there’s fence mending to be done to make a new orchestra successful. ‘I think we’ve got to try to re-establish trust, both with the musicians, whether they’re present or new musicians, and with our population. The people who supported us for all these years,’ Stanton said. Stanton believes this is a long-term project that may take three to five years to build. While he himself is not a musician, his wife is a piano teacher and two of his children are classical pianists.”

Posted December 21, 2010