Los Angeles Philharmonic pleased with simulcast results

Posted on: January 10, 2011

In Monday’s (1/10) Los Angeles Times, Reed Johnson writes, “Merging classical music with multimedia spectacle and a dash of Hollywood showmanship, the Los Angeles Philharmonic launched its series of high-definition concert simulcasts, LA Phil Live, with a Sunday afternoon performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall that was beamed live to about 450 specially equipped movie theaters across the United States and Canada. … Although the Phil declined to provide overall ticket sales figures, attendance appeared to be strong at theaters in many areas of metropolitan Los Angeles and elsewhere. … At other locations, sales of tickets ranging from $18 to $22 were more mixed. … Deborah Borda, the Phil’s president, said that theaters in Torrance and Rancho Mirage as well as in New York City, Miami and other locations all had reported strong sales. Overall, she pronounced herself ‘very happy’ with the inaugural simulcast. ‘It’s a work in progress,’ Borda said by phone shortly after the 2 ½-hour concert concluded Sunday afternoon. ‘We’re going to figure out how to develop from here. But I think it’s a really strong start.’ ” Additional simulcasts are planned for March 13 and June 5.

Posted January 10, 2011