Utah Symphony Guild to auction violins as works of art

Posted on: January 31, 2011

“Nothing says symphony orchestra quite like the violin” writes Carma Wadley in Saturday’s (1/29) Deseret Morning News (Salt Lake City). “With all its history and beauty, it’s no surprise that when looking for a fun and exciting way to raise funds, the Utah Symphony Guild looked to the violin. The organization is holding a silent auction, culminating in a Valentine’s Day party, of old violins decorated by local artists. The instruments, no longer fit for playing, have been turned into works of art. Other orchestras around the country have done similar events, says Robert C. Shrader, vice president of development for the guild. … Violins have been decorated with scenes of Utah, with fanciful dragons and fairies, with flowers, clocks, fruits and snowflakes. There are views of Venice, tributes to ‘Carmen’ and the ‘Baroque Fugue,’ as well as nostalgic reminders of home, family and yesteryear. Each comes with its own stand. The violins will be on display before and after Utah Symphony concerts, continuing through Feb. 12, as well as at various jewelry stores around the city, including O.C. Tanner, J. Brooks Jewelry and Payne Anthony; at art galleries such as Williams Fine Art in Salt Lake and Lamplight Art Gallery in Bountiful; at Nordstrom; and at other businesses.”

Posted January 31, 2011