Now Available: Upgraded OSR Survey With New Look and New Features

Posted on: March 16, 2011

The League is pleased to announce that the Orchestra Statistical Report for FY2010 is now available for members to complete, with several significant improvements over previous OSR surveys. Among the changes to the OSR survey—which annually collects financial and operational data from member orchestras—is a technologically upgraded platform that is easier to navigate and complete. Also new this year is a slimmed-down version of the OSR survey designed specifically for smaller-budget Group 7 and 8 orchestras. Orchestras completing the survey receive a final report that can be shared with board members and their musician leadership and used to provide guidance and information for future budget planning. The report also helps orchestras with invaluable data so they can compare themselves with other orchestras in the same budget category. This fall, look for a new service from the League, through which members who have completed the survey may also request custom reports to help benchmark against orchestras in their state or region, or against other specific groups of orchestras identified as peers. To get started with the OSR, visit the League website, where you will find a short ten-minute webinar; for more information, call Jan Wilson at 646-822-4004 or Jeff Bladt at 646-822-4070.

Posted March 16, 2011